Sunday, November 09, 2008



Saturday morning, Robb drove me to the airport, where I boarded a plane to JFK airport. I met Martha in the airport, and we flew to France. The flight was fairly empty, so we managed to stretch out. However, despite much creative folding, I failed to find a comfortable position, and stayed awake for the entire flight. Our stepmother Anne met us at the airport in Nice. It was an easy, if exhausting journey.

We hung out with my dad and Anne, and had a lovely lunch, and then I went to bed until 10pm. I staggered downstairs in time to tell everyone goodnight and have some late supper, and now I'm going back to sleep.

This little gecko was up by the ceiling in the kitchen. Not a very good photo of this cute little guy.


Anonymous said...

France, eh?

Eat lots and lots of cheese. Take in the sights. Try not to step on any lizards! Be nice to the French and try not to murder their language- stick with English and tell everyone you voted for Obama!


gollygee said...

Glad to hear your flight was okay apart for not sleeping. Hopefully you'll have better luck on your way home. What a cute gecko! I wasn't aware they are so common in France. Have a great and relaxing trip! :)

Gina said...

Hope you and Martha have memorable and wonderful, fulfilling visit!


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