Sunday, August 31, 2008

Why We Do It


I've been riding my trike out on the trail lately, trying to prepare for a very hilly 25 mile ride. Very soon we'll be doing the BORP Revolution ride. So far it's been hard to feel ready for the physical challenge. Some days are easier than others when it comes to hitting the trail and putting in the miles. I've even entertained the idea of switching to the much easier 10 mile ride.

On reflection, removing the physical challenge has no appeal for me but there would be one very good reason for riding the 10 mile course: we would be with most of the people we're doing this for.

We hope that some of our blog readers will support us, as we raise money to provide fun recreational activities for people with disabilities!


Anonymous said...

OK, seeing adults on these bikes has some impact...but seeing KIDS has a HUGE impact! I wish I had some extra money to give, stupid paycheck to paycheck living:(

Good luck in your preparations and good luck on the ride! It sounds like a ton of fun.


Anonymous said...

We are all looking forward to you guys getting out there and pedaling your butts off!

Try to not run over any local wildlife, ok? If you do, please don't take a picture of it!

I am finding lots of frogs in our garden out here in PA lately.


zorlack said...

Go "Team How's Robb"!



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