Friday, July 04, 2008

Zero Tolerance Independence


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Anonymous said...

What! I can't be free to get drunk and blow my hand off? What sort of oppressive country is this? Drunken idiots have made this country great!

Happy Fourth of July, where ever you are. We finally got an inch of rain here over 2 days, after 1 month of drought. I consider this my independance day from watering the gardens.

Lots of people here in nearby Gettysburg (15 miles away) for the Civil war reinactments. In a few years it will be the 150th year anniversary of the battles. By then I will have invented my very own ghost so that we can also exploit monied toursists with house tours like everyone else here!

By the way, you can show up with your own personal cannon to the reinactments for a fee of only $15. I wonder if homeland security knows about this? I don't think we can tow a cannon behind our Pinto. And I trip over those pesky leftover cannons constantly, right?



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