Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Washington, Here We Come!


So, based on nothing more than whim, we think we're going to structure our trip to Washington this way.

Fly to Seattle. Stay over night. Go tidepooling with Minette at Lincoln Park. (Minette provides chest-waders. What a hostess!)

Drive and take the Edmonds Kingston ferry over to the Olympic Peninsula. Stay several days.

Return to Seattle. Do some stuff. Fly home.

Beaches? Craggy landscapes? Meteorological phenomenon? Chilling out and doing very little? It all sounds good to us!

Will this be like packing for an outing in the Bay Area? Do we need to bring garments for every possible type of weather, and assume that we'll see most of it? As it is, I'm packing my galoshes for tide-pooling.

Does this sound like fun? Can anyone help us fine-tune our plans? Will the people who gave us enough advice for a month of fun in Seattle forgive us for forsaking your fine city?


Anonymous said...

I don't think that you'll have any problems taking the ferry out of Seattle during mid-week, but if you are planning to head back on Sunday give yourself at least an extra hour. I've been working in Port Townsend for the last month and I prefer the Edmonds/Kingston ferry run based on drive times on both sides. Planning to bring layers is always wise and a light rain coat never hurts. Port Townsend has Fort Worden State Park (I'm working with Centrum, non-profit arts org. not the vitamins, on their summer music festival there) which is right on the water. Most of the old buildings are still in use. There are plenty of hiking trails around the fort connecting the old big gun batteries that you can explore - bring a flashlight. The trails have a variety of elevation changes but the main ones are wide to accommodate park service vehicles. There is a sandy beach and lighthouse that you can pretty much drive right to. There will be a fiddle tunes festival taking place on the grounds while you are in the area as well as fireworks set off by the local Rotary Club on the 4th. I hear that it can be crowded, but nothing like Seattle.

Otherwise, I would recommend visiting Sequim, Dungeness and Port Angeles. Ediz Hook in PA has beautiful views on clear days. You can drive to the top of Hurricane Ridge and wander around at the top.

Squirrel Whisperer

Edmund said...

Why don t you get in touch with Jacqueline. She would be delighted to have you and she had such an interesting life lately, working in Indonesia, China and Burma, that you would enjoy talking to her. Her phone number is 206 762 0307. I can send you her e-mail address too.


. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Jacqueline -- of course! -- will be out of town!

John and Diane said...

If you're going to the Olympic Peninsula - we went tidepooling years ago at a place we loved: Salt Creek Recreation Area. It's west of Port Angeles about 15 miles. For more info and better directions, see-
I would go back there in a heartbeat.
And - if you're in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, and you like bookbinding stuff, check out the Volcano Arts store (www.volcanoarts.biz).
Have a great time!
-Diane from Toast Ranch

John and Diane said...

Me again. I see the Volcano Arts website says they do not have a retail store. Hmmm. It either went out of business or I've got the wrong name. Sorry!

Mary said...

If you take the Edmonds ferry, you'll have the chance to go through Port Gamble. It's a charming little town that was one of the first sawmills in the state. There's a couple of good letterboxes there too, as well as amazing views.

The weather here today was cloudy and upper 60s, it's supposed to be in the 60s and 70s for the next week, with a chance of rain.

I second the advice about the ferry timing -- avoid leaving Edmonds anytime after noon on Friday or before noon on Saturday, and avoid coming back through Kingston on Sunday afternoon. There are way better ways to waste your time.


Anonymous said...

Ah...I'd have to recommend Ruby Beach, it's a ways out, but well worth it (it looks like the image you have above is Ruby Beach), let it be a first stop, then travel back NE, stopping at the Hoh Rainforest (be sure to walk the Hall of Mosses trail). You can then hit Crescent Lake or the Sol Duc Hotsprings, after that, Hurricante Ridge would be my next stop, being a sub-Alpine environment, you'll see trees a hundred years old, but no taller than you! Last time we were up there we saw a bear with an ear tag off on the side of the road and a herd of elk that ruled the roost! From there, it's a hard call, you can ferry hop S all the way to Tacoma (there are some great boxes very near the Tacoma ferry terminal by reknown local boxer SHH, at Pt Defiance Park) and ferry back to Seattle or drive 1/2 hr N on the 5. Or you can ferry N towards Anacortes and check out the amazing Deception Pass, it'd mean back tracking to ferry to Seattle or a long drive S on the 5, but you'd hit Mt. Vernon with some excellant wineries, (Pasek Cellars blackberry dessert wine had an honored spot in our wedding ceremony and I can vouch for their cranberry wine!). Really, Washington has to be a repeat visit location, and yes, bring layers, it reached 90 this last weekend and now on Thursday it's raining with thunder and lightning! Travel safely!


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