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Remember being a kid, and zooming around on your bike? Remember the sense of freedom that you had, and the feeling of the wind in your hair? Remember the joy of going, really, really fast?

Now, imagine if you were a severely disabled child, who could only get around using a wheelchair.

Imagine how exhilarating it would be to be able to ride a bike, to race around and just have Kid Fun. Imagine having a huge selections of special adaptive bikes to choose from, anytime you want to go cycling.

Imagine being blind, and going bike riding on a bicycle built for two, or zooming down the ski slopes with a trained guide.

Imagine that you're a frail teenager in a wheelchair, who also happens to be a killer basketball player. Imagine competing in national tournaments with your team of wheelchair athletes.

A sweet unattainable daydream? An impossible goal? Something only available to the very, very wealthy? Not so!

This is a Revolution, and we hope you will join us in becoming Revolutionaries.

All of these activities (and many, many, many more) are offered by the Bay Area Recreation Programs (BORP), and we are hoping that you, our loyal blog readers, will join us in supporting the great work of this organization.

When Robb first came home after weeks and week in the hospital, we felt very isolated, and didn't know if we would ever be able to continue the activities we had enjoyed prior to his spinal cord injury. Our first outing was with BORP. We joined a group at Crab Cove in Alameda. Robb got to travel at a pace that was appropriate for his abilities, and I got some much-needed advice for hauling his wheelchair in and out of our car. Later, when Robb was stronger, we visited BORP's incredible cycling center, and tried out a variety of adaptive bikes and trikes. This is how we realized that Robb, who could only walk at a snail's pace at the time, could be really physically active, and feel the wind in his face again. We are very thankful that there's an organization like BORP serving people with disabilities in the Bay Area.

And as our way of saying "thank you" we are, once again, participating in their fund raising cycling event, the Revolution.

Won't you join us in supporting the work they do? If you click on the "Team How's Robb" logo on the right side of this blog, you can make a secure online donation, which will support BORP's Revolutionary work!

Who's that woman in the photo at the top of the blog entry? That's K.B -- fifty-something amputee, mom, free spirit, and the top fundraiser for last year's Revolution. And that nifty lightweight bike she's tossing around? That's her reward for single-handedly (and single-footedly) raising over five thousand dollars for BORP.


Syndee said...

Hi guys. I was just reading about a week's worth of blog and wonder if they call what Robb has 'viral syndrome'. My daughter Cassie had a fever with chills and sweating and when the doctor told her it was 'just a virus', after a week of feeling lousy I brought her to the emergency room. Turns out they diagnosed 'viral syndrome' and said she'd feel better in 14 days! UGH. After reading up on it, I found that it depends on where the virus settles. A week later, I ended up with no voice (out of the blue) and three days later: bronchitis. It took 2 weeks to feel better and then another full week to get my entire vocal range back. I went around sounding like Brenda Vaccaro for a while. Hope you are feeling better soon. I'll be getting in to Stanford this Sunday afternoon and we have to attend a dinner that ends at 6:30pm and then we're free to roam for a while.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful organization! Count us in.

The Wanering B's
Wandering around the US


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