Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Meet Up?


We are secretly a little shy, but once we get over that, we're very friendly. If you would like to get together for some easy letterboxing or a meal or something, do give us a call.

We will be staying in Seattle for two nights at the Extended Stay America, on Stone Street, North.

After that, we'll be at the Red Lion Inn on North Lincoln in Port Angeles for three nights.

Then, we'll be staying somewhere in Seattle for another night, and then flying home.

We really have no idea what we'll be up for. This entire trip is a big experiment, to see if Robb can handle travel. So please understand if we have to go slowly.




Anonymous said...

Now that Bill Gates has retired from Microsoft, maybe you can meet him for coffee at a Starbucks?


gollygee said...

Those squirrels are adorable! Have fun in Seattle!!! :)

Kaaren said...

Have fun. I LOVE Seattle. My company's HQ is up there and I've been there for meetings. I keep telling David I want to go and be a tourist!

Gina said...

Have a great time guys1

lli said...

DAMN is right! That teaches me to go a few days without reading this.

We were just in the San Juan Islands, as well as Seattle and Tacoma- and thinking of you when we visited the aquarium!

Glad you had a good time up there.


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