Monday, July 14, 2008

Join our Revolution!


Last year, with help from our friends, Robb and I participated in a fund raising ride to support a wonderful organization (BORP -- the Bay Area Outreach Recreation Program) that provides recreational opportunities for people with disabilities.

When Robb left the hospital after shattering his spine two and a half years ago, he was determined to give himself the best outcome he possibly could. He knew that if he could just get moving again, he would have a better chance at recovery. When we found BORP and their fleet of adaptive cycles, Robb realized that he could integrate cycling into is recovery plan. We rode on BORP bikes, and eventually eventually Robb got his own set of wheels.

And as a way of saying "thank you" for all the kindness and support that we have received along Robb's road to recovery, we participated in BORP's Revolution ride.

Last year, we raised over five thousand dollars for this amazing organization that brings so much to the disabled community.

Wouldn't you like to ride with us this year? You can join us on a beautiful, fun and fully supported ride through Wine Country this October.

The party after the ride is a blast. Massages in the vineyard knock the kinks out of your muscles, and then there's food, wine and celebration of the event. And if we're really energetic participants, there's an after party for the teams that have gone the extra mile.

This was last year's team. Kara leads the way, and Robb and Ellen are close behind. (I'm snapping photos from my bike.)

Look at those smiles! We've finished the ride, treated our well-exercised muscles to an open-air massage, and are enjoying the delicious food and drinks at the Trentadue Winery.

If you are interested in riding with us, the kick off party for this event is this Saturday, from 1-3pm, at The BORP Bike House (80 Bolivar Drive in Aquatic Park, Berkeley, CA 94710)

Join us in supporting this great organization. You'll be riding with the coolest group of people -- ranging from casual riders to Olympic medalists.


Kath said...

What physical condition is required of riders? - i.e. can a couch potato do it or would I need to "train?"

Anonymous said...

Are you guys gong to try to raise money again this year? Cause we would contribute again, if we can.

Annalisa and Gary

Anonymous said...

I would be happy to contribute $ as well again this year.

BTW, I was looking at those pics..did I ever say how incredibly HOT Robb is?!?!

smoochies -


Gina said...

When, exactly, is the date of the ride? I'm thinking this would make a wonderful way for me to celebrate my birthday this year (if I can teach Liam how to actually ride a bike before then.).

Maybe I can get some people here in Baltimore to sponsor the trip and my ride????


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