Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So, Really, How *Is* Robb?


Robb has been going through a difficult phase. Doing the simplest things often results in hours and hours of discomfort.

The time at the brew pub resulted in an entire day of pain. And not because of the amount of beer consumed, smarty pants! Robb sat for too long, and was in agony the next day.

Likewise, the trip to see the endangered terns, which was probably less than a mile in duration was miserably painful. The jouncing ride in the yellow school bus was torture.

And the next day, he paid for that outing. He went to the pool, and had a very hard time. Robb said that he was in such bad shape that it seemed like he had traveled back in time. He was barely able to do the things he could do one year ago.

We chose to believe that this is a temporary set-back, and so we'll focus on the happier things.

"Oh, look! Isn't that squirrel cute? He has a mouth full of pine nuts!"
(He was dropping pine cone shards on my head last weekend.)


Paul said...

Hoping, also, that this is just temporary and that it's just a case of "over doing". Sending healing vibes!

gollygee said...

Sending happy thoughts your way that Robb will be feeling better soon. Maybe it's a "no pain no gain" type of situation and it's actually sort of good in the long run? There's a guy at work who is the unofficial personal trainer of most of us, who recommends a "muscle tear" once a week. It sounds horrible, but basically he just means work out longer than usual so you're really sore the next day. It's good for muscle growth/tone/strength. Maybe it's something like that for Robb? I don't know anything about that sort of thing though. Fingers crossed! :) And that squirrel IS adorable!

Oh other great sites if you need something distractingly cute and/or funny are or :)


Cute critter. Do you think he/she has awareness of all Internet traditions?


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