Saturday, June 21, 2008



We are in Monterey, for a weekend of fun. Saturday is a letterboxing event, and on Sunday we plan to bike the coastal trail. This is one of the images I've created for the letterboxing event. The blue background is shop paper that was used during the painting of Eurydice. It was what we put under our work station to keep the paint drips from ruining our floor, and I couldn't bear to toss it out.

As we were finishing packing, we got a call from our friend (former Berkeley Rep intern) Kristen who was in town for a wedding. We swung by her hotel, and got to hear all about her adventures as the first mate (and apparently last mate) of the Sigsbsee, a Chesapeake skipjack, which is part of the Living Classrooms fleet in Baltimore.

We stopped for lunch in Gilroy, which our car's exterior thermometer said was a scorching 108 degrees. Both Robb and I are used to East Coast heat, which is always accompanied by hideous humidity. Spending the summers in Baltimore was always like being inside of a dog's mouth.

By the time we had finished lunch, the smoke from the nearby Watsonville fire had filled the sky. My camera was buried in the back of our car, so I could not attempt to capture the brown-marble appearance of the sky. It was awe-inspiring.

We crossed some magical dividing line on the map, and the sky cleared up. The temperature dropped almost thirty degrees. Crazy.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, we didn't see that fire (went down Thurs afternoon) Gorgeous photo!
Yes the weatehr was *very* peculiar. We all KNOW it simply does not pour rain in late June in California.. nor is it ever 87 degrees in June on the Monterey coast. Is it.
Hey we saw twin yearling fawns when netting this Western Scrub Jay! Da Kool Kats were with us when we found both Jay and the Anemone.. they missed the anemone and thought you had taken it away already.. but hehehheh *I* know by now (from three-time's-a-charm Sound Waves) that we need not dig under rocks and dirt for *every* ltterbox!But, sometimes, must lift our sights higher.. thanks for more gorgeous stamps!


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