Saturday, June 14, 2008

Finding the Delightful


I've been thinking a lot about how we are responsible for our own happiness in life.

Despite what the movies tell us, nobody is going to swoop into our lives and hand us "Happily Ever After" on a silver platter.

It is up to each of us to find what's good in the world, every single day.

(And will someone please remind me of this, on the days that I'm feeling particularly grim?)


shiloh said...

Life isn't like the movies?

You mean some leggy super model isn't going to fall in love with me even though I'm not a GQ cover model? I'm not going to have some rich long lost relative take me into their home and tell me 'one day all this will be yours'?

You mean I'm going to have to live a regular life?

Anonymous said...

"There Is No Dress Rehearsal For Life." This is it, the big show, and we need and deserve to enjoy it thoroughly.
On those days that arthritis or other pains take over, I try to remember that "If I can feel it I am alive."
Unpleasant trips to the dentist, doctor, or other difficult places fit into the realm of "It's All Part of the Experience of Life." Some might find them to be silly aphorisms but add a dash of humor and they make up a pretty good series of life lessons.

Anonymous said...

I've got robins swooping into my yard and leaving bright blue eggs in their nests all over the place. That for now is enough to make me happy.

So, yes, happiness does "swoop" in from time to time.


TaylorM said...

This was the first post of yours I read in a while - sorry I've been bad about reading - and it really struck a chord with me. I don't think it was what you meant, but it resonated with some of the goings on in my personal life of the last year or so, having to do with how we are or are not responsible for other people's happiness. But rather than ramble on about that, I will just add my own two cents, which is basically, I think, yes, happiness is important. But it's easier to be happy if you don't expect greatness and bliss every moment all of the time. And then it just comes to you.


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