Saturday, June 07, 2008

Along the Edges of the Ocean


...There's a fertile zone of amazing life. I got up extra-early (again!) for the crazy low tides that we've been having. I'm never going to become a Morning Person, but the allure of creatures like this is enough to wrench me out of my cozy bed. This is another nudibranch. My Flickr buddy Ken-Ichi (Who took me tarantula hunting last fall) was out on the reef. He and his friend Brenna had found this tiny creature, which was less than a quarter of an inch in length.

Here's another, other nudibranch. I found several of this species today and also on Tuesday. This one is in a little plastic dish, which is what's creating the reflection.

This is a fairly humble snail. What I like so much about this image is that it is the abuse that this poor snail had endured that reveals its hidden beauty.

Seems like there's a lesson or metaphor in there somewhere, doesn't it?

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Anonymous said...

The picture of the snail is stunning... It literally brought tears to me eyes even before reading what you said about it. Perhaps it's late and I should go to bed...

Perhaps it is simply amazing.

Fluffy Cow


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