Sunday, May 11, 2008

To the Moms!

One of the things we can count as a blessing to come out of my injury is the strengthening of my relationship with my mom.

I guess I thought I already knew about her love and concern, her generosity and determination, her kindness and thoughtful consideration, but there's nothing like a crisis to cast all these qualities in a new light.

She's helped me through the hardest times and I know she'll be there for me in the times ahead.

So, today and everyday, here's to the Moms!


Martha said...

Ha, at first I thought Lisa wrote this!

Anonymous said...

Hey bud, this photo should be entitled like a "lawrence of arabia" or "robert of california"- type of image!

I'm currently going through lots of old family-by marriage-related-stuff in Wyoming. I found at the bottom of a box my first honest to goodness corset. Those buggers looked really painful. If you would like to try one one to see if it feels like the structures you wore when first injured, I can mail em' on to you!

A corset is exactly the sort of thing Lisa would appreciate, I bet!



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