Saturday, April 19, 2008

Working on Walking


Although Robb spends a lot of time doing aquatic therapy, swimming laps and cycling, he doesn't do a whole lot of walking. Walking is extremely difficult, and he tires so quickly that his muscles just "give up." Walking also has the unpleasant side-effect of triggering massively uncomfortable muscular spasticity, where Robb's muscles convulsively clench themselves and don't let go.

Despite this, I've been worrying that he may be not doing himself any favors by avoiding walking. I was delighted when Robb suggested that we head out to Mitchell Canyon, to see if we could get a gawk at the spring wildflowers. It wasn't the easiest walk, but Robb did remarkably well.

The flowers were more subtle than magnificent, at least where we were. There's an advantage to walking slowly, though. You really get to examine your surroundings. Look at the wee buggies on the Blue Dicks! How adorable!

A glorious flower on the trail was Ithuriel’s Spear. Both of these, I believe are wildflowers only found in the Western United States.

I'm always delighted when my genius friends on Flickr tell me what the heck I've photographed. In this case, Raphael informed me that this was a hover fly, and not a bee at all. Well, truthfully, what he said was, "Cute little syrphid with a big ole butt." I did some Google-searching and figured out what he was talking about.

At the very end of our walk, when Robb was totally exhausted, I spotted this adorable White Breasted Nuthatch, spiraling up and down a tree in search of food. Nuthatches are birds that I closely associate with my grandmother, who used to feed them from her back porch.

How can you not smile when you see something like this? That's walking with style!


Anonymous said...

Lisa, I always love your photography, and today is no exception. But I had to let you know that I think that Hover Fly photo is stunning!

Wild Rose

Anonymous said...

PLEASE tell me those beautiful little flowers aren't REALLY called "Blue Dicks?!?

"Nice Counts"

Ryan said...

> "Cute little syrphid with a big ole
> butt."

*laughing* I just love that line! It sounds more like a pick-up line to be used in a bar. =)

-- Ryan

robb said...

It's no wonder they keep running you out of the county. ;)

Edmund said...


your photos are great and your knowledge of flowers is impressive.



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