Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Use What You've Got


Robb and I were talking about the concept of "mourning the future we'll never have" a few nights back. I suspect we both do -- and don't -- think about these things.

I had always imagined a future where he and I would continue to travel, and to do so in a big way. I pictured us traveling (on the cheap) through Asia, or Latin America. Given Robb's inability to sit for long periods for time without excruciating pain, this view of our future seems very far away, indeed.

This sort of thinking is depressing, and I suspect, a waste of energy. It doesn't help to dwell on what we don't have, or can't do.

In fact, I think one of the big Life Lessons we've been forced to learn is the importance of valuing what we do have, rather fretting over what we don't.

So we can't travel, right now. Instead, we have the opportunity to take a meaningful look at where we are, and enjoy the uniqueness of that place. Example Number One: I've been tending a little Urban Garden, and get a lot of pleasure out of noticing what goes on in this tiny green spot. A few days ago, I had lunch with this splendid fellow.

Since Robb is not working, we are forced to be extra-careful with our money, which is an opportunity to be more creative with the resources we do have. Example Number Two: I've been trying to think of interesting uses of the weird yarns I've accumulated over the past few years. Right now, I'm making what may be the craziest sweater in the universe out of yarn that's been cluttering up my life for quite some time.

Example Number Three: well, that would be Robb's entire life. He exemplifies resourcefulness, and good spirits. I don't know how he does it, but he makes navigating his new circumstance seem like an opportunity for cleverness, rather than an invitation of a pity party.

Do you like how well Mister Fence Lizard's blue markings match the blue of my knitting? Nice, huh?


Beach Gal said...

Is that the sweater you're knitting? Love the colors :)

cath said...

Thanks for the knit pic--the colors are great! The lizard is cool too!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking first of all the sweater is too big for the lizard so which one of you is going to wear it? And second of all...don't ever give up on miracles, they can come true.
jane (patroln)

Anonymous said...

Lisa, I always enjoy your photography and I think it echoes what you were writing about today. You show us a lot of close ups of your environment that are the result of your taking time to really notice and cherish what is happening in the moment.

Yes, I do love the way the lizard and the knitting had the same beautiful blue! --Laughing Gravy from AQ

Anonymous said...

You know, a lot of us, in fact even most of us, have to give up on futures we might have had. Sometimes it's unexpected, sometimes it's part of growing up, choosing one career that will limit all the other ones you might have had.

I never thought I would have to develop a brand new life plan at 24, but the death of my husband, and my expected son meant that I was going to have to, like it or not! And today, 26 years later, I wouldn't change it because if that hadn't happened I wouldn't be a doctor, I wouldn't have my new husband or my two young sons. Luckily I don't *have* to choose. In fact I can't.

In the initial throes of it all, it did seem quite unfair (and was)
I wish I had a friend with a blog like this to read and take hope.

Dale End Farm

Pica said...

Lisa, I love the wisdom in this post, and the invitation to all of us to remember to cherish what we have (rather than what might, but will never, be).

(I like the sweater and the fence lizard too.)


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