Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Sometimes you just need to laugh

We had a rough day, and there's a psychic bad taste in our mouths, so in an effort to wash it away, we're going to share a delightful video.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the slide show. I'm caught in what I know about penguins actually flying and the idea that anything can happen. I usually check your blog on the weekends or at night, but I just had to jump on this morning because I had a dream that I was talking to the two of you, in person (which is strange, Lisa, because I've never met you)! It was so realistic, it made me go to your blog this morning. I was sorry to hear about Robb's pain. I'm living with a spasming shoulder for the past 5 months (wakes me up at least 5-6 times each night)and frankly, I can't even imagine the extent to which Robb must be feeling it. I hope that you are both feeling well soon.

Neil said...

That video reminds me of one of my favorites:


Anonymous said...

So thats what keeps hitting my roof with a thump! All this time I kept blaming the drunken space aliens!


knitica said...

Because I don't have to experience all the pain, I always get really excited for you when you go through this phase, because it will lead to great sensation/use, and because it means that your healing is not yet finished.

Lyn said...

I wonder what would happen if penguins saw this video and got inspired.


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