Wednesday, April 16, 2008

So Demented ... So-o-o-o-o-o Cute!

What could look more like a hideously insane evil teddy bear than a baby Great Horned Owl?

How about THREE BABY GREAT HORNED OWLS? (That blob in the middle is a napping owlet who couldn't be bothered with us.)

I had been seeing photos online of a nest-full of baby owls, and during lunch I dragged Sheri off to take a look. Robb wasn't available, and I'm not really sure he's up for the climb.

I'm having a really hard time, writing anything sensible. These owls are turning my brain to jelly with their evil cuteness. Look at that yawn! In fact, click on that photo. It's even crazier when you see it large.

As demented as the owls were, I also had to laugh at the "rat-dog beware" sign that the East Bay Regional Parks posted. Seems that the owls are fierce defenders of their nests, and aren't afraid of attacking dogs or dog walkers.

"Dudes! These owls regularly kill and eat skunks! Your yappy little lapdog doesn't stand a chance against a silently flying predator with gigantic talons. And please don't sue us if anything bad happens."


gollygee said...

YOU FOUND THEM!!! Oh my god they are SO CUTE!!! :) Their cuteness is almost painful, it overwhelms. :D

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

I thought of you the whole time we were there!

gollygee said...

You are too nice! Thanks for thinking of me and my owl obsession! :D

SandiBox said...

Aww, come on now... they're not evil looking. They're cute. But I'd like to see one of them try to drag off my 60# horse of a dog! LOL!

Anonymous said...

your photos are great! emily and i went up there and were lucky enough to run into someone with a telescope so we could see them up close. so cool!


Anonymous said...

There actually is a design online to build your own owl box. Maybe you guys could install one in your urban garden and enjoy the view. Except they might make short work of your pocket gophers!


MommaWriter said...

Oooh. Owl box. That'd be fun except for the incessant hooting. You know what looks even meaner than baby great horned owls? Baby barn owls. They're not really quite as cute in the demented teddy bear way, but they hiss at you when they feel threatened and that's really freakin' creepy!

Anonymous said...

I don't think that these large raptors want to nest in enclosures like holes in trees or man-made boxes. Like eagles, and ospreys, they've made a very fine "platform" nest.


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