Saturday, April 12, 2008



The mind does some pretty strange things when the body isn't feeling well.

I've been fighting off some kind of cold-fever thing, and when I'm not fast asleep, I've been having very odd thoughts, indeed.

I've been trying to get some knitting done, but have been making all sorts of stupid mistakes, and have been doing an awful lot of un-knitting.

This makes me think of Penelope, wife of Odysseus. Which makes me wonder how Robb might be like Odysseus.

The fact that Robb was out cycling and presumably having adventures while I was moping around at home seemed to fit with the stories about Odysseus. As did the fact that unlike many men, Robb doesn't act like a pig around strong women.

Jeepers! I'm not even taking cold medications!


knitica said...

How's it going, beating off all those suitors? Will Robb make it back before they marry you for your cat-hair-covered fortune?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I had a weird dream about you last night where you were a powerful magician and you were dismembered yet still alive and in several cardboard boxes. You were still talking and telling people where to put your boxs of body parts in the center of a maze that was in reality lots of linked rooms inside an old wooden house. Lots of trap doors with funky little hinges and hooks. So....Hm? Whats up with that?

Maybe I'm the one taking drugs, but I can't remember which ones!

Good luck with the cold- rock on!

PS- My friend Penelope just had twins so she is indeed probably in need of some knitted items for her 2 tiny girls!

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Erica -- in truth, the main pursuer of my affection in Robb's absence *is* covered in cat hair!

This suitor is also particularly interested in string.


Kristen said...

hey folks. glad to hear you're having fun in your feverish haze. Some nasty bacterium has been passed through my entire crew these last few weeks and we've all shown off our sick colors. (James gets really helpless and hides out. my captain gets short tempered but tries to act like she isn't. Anthony starts thinking everything is funny. I get really clumsy and start crying when I drop things. Not good on a boat!) As I recall, one of the Regent Hizzle '06-7 residents had medicine containers with similar gummed labels to the one below--"low paranoia, clean euphoria, no stems or seeds..."

Hope you feel better!

Matt said...

A suggestion - as you stumble through your fever, perhaps pick up a copy of Margaret Atwood's The Penelopiead - a retelling of the Odyssey from Penelope's point of view. It's really good and short and easy to put down (when you need a nap) and pick up again (when you regain awakeness!)


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