Even though I don't have time to write anything, I just had to share these photos of the Belgian "Candi Sugar" Robb made last night. Yes folks, this is really going to end up inside a delicious bottle of beer!


Gina said…
Beautiful. It looks like amber...
Knit Wit said…
Well, shoot. He did make peanut brittle; he just forgot the peanuts.

Seriously, it does look very pretty. I love that amber color that caramelized sugar gets.

Knit Wit
Marissa Dupont said…
That's really cool! My dad makes his own booze and it's quite a process, but he loves it. :)
Anonymous said…
The pictures bring back such "sweet" memories for me. My beloved grandma used to make pounds of assorted flavored hard candy to give away each Christmas. I remember helping her and loved when I was old enough to cut pieces from the ropes she used to cut off the big slabs. I don't know if she knew it was a process for making beer too! My grandpa would have preferred that!
Thanks for a trigger down memory lane.
MommaWriter said…
Is it weird that my first thought was that someone was trying to escape from being trapped in candy in that last picture? ...kind of like a person trapped in amber, maybe?

It really does look great though, if you had to be trapped somewhere!

Stacey (aka WyndRyder #2)

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