Saturday, March 15, 2008

Easter Eggs


This year, I wasn't feeling motivated to host our sorta-annual Ukrainian Easter Egg Dyeing party, and Robb and I were very happy to be invited to Jen and Paul's egg party. Sadly, Robb was having a rough day and at the last minute decided not to go.

I made one egg, which came out pretty well.

If you want to read a tutorial I wrote on how to do this technique, click here.


Anonymous said...

Seems the residents of Reno are so fond of Robb they've named a street after him. As I drove along today, there it was, the 1st exit off interstate 80: Robb Ave. This sort of notariety might make anyone desire to take a day off.


Anonymous said...

Where has a year gone. It seems as just yesterday I was looking, for the first time, at those gorgeous eggs! I checked out your tutorial and I have come to the conclusion that I need to watch someone actually do this because I'm utterly confused. I guess much of this confusion comes from not having a clue which tool does what and where I'd get beeswax from. I could actually see me burning something while trying to create something of beauty. Maybe I'll just enjoy the pictures of the eggs you've done. Enjoy your Easter. Hope you're both feeling well,

Anonymous said...

haha, so know we know wher OB Jan has decamped to! (maybe) Anyway Happy Blogiversary,! But bummed no egg party this year! Am sure you're busy enough w/ bungalow reno though..
Suzi & the Liv


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