Saturday, February 23, 2008



While many, many normal daily activities continue to be quite challenging for Robb, both he and I have noticed that his balance has definitely improved.

The other day, Robb dropped an orange that he was carrying, and since bending over is so difficult, he treated it like a tiny soccer ball, and kicked it into the living room. I was delighted!

This morning, we has bringing me coffee in bed (yes, I'm the most horribly spoiled woman on this planet), and Linguine ran across his feet. A year ago, this would have caused a terrible mess, with Robb tripping, Linguine panicking, me feeling terribly guilty, cappuccino flying all over the bedroom.

Instead, Robb just laughed.

Nice try, Linguine!

1 comment:

shiloh said...

That is one freakishly large cup. :)

I love forced perspective.


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