Sunday, February 10, 2008

Around the House


Despite some lovely weather, Robb and I stayed home yesterday. I worked on a new sweater. The stitch pattern is from Barbara Walker, but I'm improvising the actual sweater pattern. Yipes.

We spent some time bottling the beer that Robb brewed. We made this batch as payment for whoever is going to help us carry our new couch up the stairs. I still can't drink alcohol, so this is a bit like torture. I am, however, slowly slowly slowly recovering from the symptoms of hepatitis.


Gina said...

So, I've decided that I'm going to try some homebrewing myself these days as a friend here wants to offload his equipment and I figure it's a good activity to take up during this somewhat housebound phase of existence. (At least healthier than ONLY drinking the stuff every evening while stuck in the house.)

So, Robb - stumble upon any particularly good combos of ingredients you could share? Any advice you would give to a first time beer brewer? Does climate affect things much? Am I an idiot for even TRYING this? (The look on my friend's face when I told him I wanted his stuff seemed to imply so - but maybe that was just a gender thing - he's fairly conservative that way.)

And Lisa -- a student is going to teach me how to knit next week. I'm certain after my first lesson i will find your stuff even more jaw-drppingly gorgeous and awe-nspiring than I already do and quit immediately out of shame! (But, with any luck, I'll have beer as a compensatory salve later.)

Hugs and kisses to you both (and may the teleprompting force be with you)


Gina said...

ooh - and what's the new couch like?!

shiloh said...

Gina, may I suggest that as a first time brewer you go to and order one of their kits. That's how I got started and the things are nearly foolproof.

Anonymous said...

Beer for couch moving, eh?

Thats a far better deal then when we helped our friend move his gigantic couch and he "forgot" to help us when it was our turn to move.

If I send you good mental waves on moving day, does that qualify me for a brew?



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