Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I owe everyone I can think of a phone call.

I've been so run down from the hepatitis. I get home from work and I'm nauseous and useless.

When I'm finally feeling better, things will improve.


Gina said...

Clearly you are well enough to find AMAZING beer labels for your blog! O.K. 'Fess up. What's the source of that one? (Something tells me it wasn't the result of a google image search for "invalid stout".)

And, hey, chickie - at least you have a valid excuse for laying low, unlike the rest of us sorry souls out here. How IS the hep, anyway? Any REAL improvement?

Thinking of you and sending healing kisses,


Anonymous said...

Lisa, we are amazed that you can still drag yourself off to the scene shop and put in a day's work. Thanks for supporting the local economy, even in your illness.

Grumpy Grinch

Anonymous said...

Two years, honey, Two Years. That was the diagnosis you were given to recover and you gotta take your time getting better. Can you AT LEAST have some sort of rest-time from work? When does your season slow down?

Your poor liver is gonna take over your life if you don't take a break. I'm not nagging you, just reminding you, you cannot dictate when you want to be sick. It ceratinly wasn't convienent when I was sick for years, but I just had to adapt to what the doctors told me to do, if I didn't want to damage my body forever. You are in the same boat.

Wish I could grow you a new liver in my secret laborotory, but I'm busy trying to clone Bigfoot at the present. Try to get all the possible rest you can, let Robb look after you for a bit, ok?


Anonymous said...

I sure hope this post isn't because we had to cut our convo short yesterday. I realize that your work schedule is in Hectic Mode right now and that you probably are exhausted. There will be plenty of time to catch up. It was just nice to hear your voice!

Smooches -

Lock Wenchie

TaylorM said...

Not to worry! I'm glad we got together when we did. Take it easy as much as possible. Have some lavender tea. Breathe. The last thing you probably need is more stress on top of being sick. I am going to add my support to the rest.

Lynne Rutter said...

take good care of yourself and all that other stuff will be a lot easier to handle. your #1 priority should be your health right now.


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