Thursday, December 20, 2007

have yourself a merry LITTLE christmas...


Remember my anti-consumerist rant? Where I advocated limiting Christmas buying?

Well, since I've been fighting the Hepatitis, I've had no energy at all to do ANYTHING for Christmas. I've done the bare minimum to keep things progressing at work, but when I get home, I just lay on the couch feeling dreadful. I kept telling myself that "tomorrow I'll feel better, and I'll get some shopping done" but that never happened. Prior to getting sick, I was too busy with the bird rescue and house guests to shop. I've think I've missed the deadline for online shopping.

I'll be giving Robb some pieces of an unfinished sweater for Christmas, at the rate I'm going.


Anonymous said...

I wasn't good enough to rate a lump of coal for this winter!

I could always say, "Well, at least you've got your health" but I can't do that this year either, eh?

Just do your best at getting through both of your particular circumstances this holiday and try not to let Santa's little aliens probe you this Christmas.

See? I bet you feel better already!

Ps- My sister is getting a divorce for her christmas present this year, so I am willing to bet you are feeling a lot more chipper than her, even with Hepatitus A and a funky tempermental spine. Think Positive!


Kristen said...

it took me years to realize, as a child, that a lump of coal or a bundle of sticks was not really a terrible present back in the day--it was fuel for fire, to keep you warm, which is actually quite a nice thing for a poor peasant kid in a Minnesota winter.

I think your friends and family would happily accept you getting better for a christmas present. I wouldn't worry.

Have you ever tried that coal candy? it tastes of licorice and turns your poo blue.

There is a kitten sleeping by my foot.

Lynne Rutter said...

i got your lump of coal, right here, baby


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