Saturday, December 15, 2007

Hep Hep Hurray!

Hepatitis A or B
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All kidding aside, I'm feeling really sick.

It seems that my stubborn, macho attempt to "work through" my sickness was quite stupid. The liver (an organ I'd never given any thought to at all) is where we get our "bursts" of energy. Exerting myself physically apparently puts a lot of strain on my liver, which makes me feel really dreadful.

The good thing is that I managed to get the strain of hepatitis that leaves no permanent damage behind.

The bad thing is that there's no treatment. I just have to refrain from physical activity, and hope the nausea goes away soon.

Don't you love the stuff you find on Flickr?
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Gina said...

Take care of yourself, woman. I'm worried about you. This thing really ain't no joke! And from what I know, it takes a REALLY long time to go away. When you say "no treatment" does that mean you're not even on antibiotics?

Is there anything we can all do to make you lives a little easier? Chip in for delivery of ALL your grocery and household needs? Help hire someone to clean every now and then so your energy doesn't have to go to that? Provide therapeutic kitties for snuggling?

Let us know!


. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Nope. No antibiotics, because this is a virus, not an infection.

We're pretty self-sufficient, and do get our produce delivered weekly.

Besides, we certainly have plenty of SKT*

Thanks for your concern.

* Snuggly Kitty Therapy

Anonymous said...

Hey there, make sure you get a lot of rest. When I was sick overseas my idea of rest was made up of laying in bed, loosing massive amounts of weight and watching my hair fall out. THAT was fun, along with the emanations leaking out of my body. (Detail stops there).

I have never entertained the idea of a bald Lisa Lazar, but I suggest you investigate the unique options your particular disease will cause. You could be a big walking human yellow sunflower if it was Halloween.

Fancy yourself a medical performance artist and do a special "dance" celebrating your Hepness, if you get the energy to do so. But better yet, just sleep and recover bit by bit. If you are used to a 1 mile hike, settle for a trot around the block, if even that. Take care of yourself and pamper the both of you if possible. Maybe a marathon "Let the apartment go to heck" is a good idea for a few months, just to see what will grow under the couch!

Your cat could handle whatever might crawl around under there anyway!

Annalisa and Gary


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