Saturday, December 01, 2007



This morning I dreamed that Robb had been sent to prison. His cell was actually rather nice nice, all clean white surfaces. But he didn't have much room to move around. I was allowed to visit, but there seemed to be all sorts of unstated rules about what he was allowed to do, and own. He was spending his energy taking the things he did have and adapting them to other uses.

We didn't know why he was in prison, or how long he would be there, but we had resigned ourselves to making the best of the situation, and facing things with good humor and resourcefulness.

If that isn't a metaphor, I don't know what it is.


Anonymous said...

Amazing. Even your subconscious puts a positive spin on an unpredictable and often challenging situation. I love what it says about you and about your opinion of Robb.

Grumpy Grinch

Anonymous said...

Prison, eh? I'm sure that he could make a shank or a shiv out of toilet paper, he is so darn creative!

I'm suprised you are not dreaming about birds, actually.

Did you hear about the recent Bigfoot sighting? Here in Pennsylvania it is currently deer hunting and Bigfoot dodging season, they both like to hang out by the roads at night when people drive.


ellen said...

Interesting the way your subconcious gets to work on the big stuff, isn't it? In my experience, the "working" dreams come just before the answers and ideas start to bubble up.

I just read your Black Friday post and I couldn't agree more. I do try not to be wasteful in my daily life, but you've got me thinking about my approach to the holidays. I'm not much for the useless gifts, but maybe this is the year that the reusable fabric gift bag joins my repetoire of wrapping.


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