Friday, November 09, 2007

Oil Spill


Robb and I heard about a fog-confused container ship hitting into the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge on Wednesday, but at the time, the official news said that no damage had been done.

How wrong this turns out to be.

There has been a huge fuel oil spill, and beaches all over the Bay Area have been closed, due to health concerns.

This is going to be a terrible blow to the natural systems of the Bay.

I've called the International Bird Rescue Research Center to see if I can help out in any way. When Robb and I first moved out to California, we did volunteer work with this organization. I'm not trained in dealing with oiled wildlife, but I can do the "dumb" housekeeping work, so that the more highly trained volunteers don't have to spread themselves too thin. I hope to hear back from them, soon.

A very interesting article on the story is here.

I've called every wildlife organization that I can find, and at the moment, they aren't prepared to handle volunteers. Apparently, the fuel oil is so toxic, that they can't have regular folks working near it. I'm hopeful that my training in hazardous materials handling and wild bird rehab gets me a place on the clean-up crews.


Anonymous said...

I always hate to hear about those horrific oil spills...well ALL oil spills are horrific. I remember I was watching the movie on the Exxon Oil spill about 15 years ago. I was very very pregnant with my first child. Made me so uncomfortable and left an awful feeling in my stomach and soul. I really think the stress from just watching that movie put me in labor; as I had son #1 the next morning - in the car on the way to the hospital!
Here's to hoping you will be able to help as much as you can!

Anonymous said...

Hello...the tanker didn't have a fricken GPS to navigate in the fog?
I am at a loss for words...really. (yeah I know...shocker)
I do belive Lisa, that you will be used in the clean up. This doesn't look like it will be a quick process, and the first responders will need relief.

shiloh said...

Kitty litter works to absorb oil. That's basicly what they use in auto shops to soak up the spills on the floor. The product they use is called 'oil-dri'. I'm sure it's way too expensive to just spread on all the beaches though.


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