Monday, August 20, 2007

Sibling Revelery


We had a very nice visit with Robb's brother when he was in town last week. But alas! I did not take any decent photographs.

This week, my sister and her family are on the West Coast. I have been running around with them, enjoying some of the local attractions. There is a charming children's park near our house, that Robb and I had never visited (they don't allow you in without a child, and we never seem to have one laying about). Robb wasn't up for the walking that a visit to Children's Fairyland would require, but the rest of us had a blast!

Fairyland exists somewhere between Delightful and Demented, a place that I enjoy very much.

Because we don't see rain, except during the rainy season, some of the decorations can get a bit dusty and cobwebby. Check out the spiderwebs on Alice!

This White Rabbit reminded me of Donny Darko or Sexy Beast, or something.

Of course, not all the animals were quite so odd. Martha and I (of course) located the creatures that related to knitting. Kittens in the process of mitten-losing.

Alpacas, a source of luxury fibers. What a handsome fellow this is!

The Great Bear, a particularly apt symbol of California.

A creature who looks like it would be as comfortable at Burning Man as at a kid's theme park.

Yeah! We loved this place!


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of our Fairytale Town here in Sacramento. We have the same problem as you, can't get in anymore cause we don't have a little kid. We need to find one though cause there is a box inside the park...LOL


Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for the great pictures! Now I have an idea of what to put in the yard besides weeds!


Anonymous said...

This park reminds me so much of Santa Claus Land in Southern Indiana where we used to be taken as children. Cheesy but so magical. Thanks for sharing this. -Rose

Resident Squint said...

I have fond memories of visiting this when I was a child.
It's cool to know that this place helped inspire Disneyland!

Nina said...

Remember Enchanted Forest?

Some farm owner in Ellicoot City bought a bunch of the remnants of their statues and made a kiddieland amusement park. Amazingly cheesy.


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