Monday, August 06, 2007

Moving Along


The doctor's appointment came and went. I finally realized that the designation of permanent and stationary was merely a legal designation, and not what I had feared. All along, I thought that when Robb was declared permanent and stationary, it meant that the doctor was saying that Robb would not be getting any better. I can't believe I was walking around with that hanging over my head!

Robb and I went cycling on Sunday, at a park we hadn't previously visited. We have been slowly working our way around the San Francisco Bay Trail, mostly the portions of the East Bay. I told Robb that I wanted to go out somewhere we hadn't been before, and he picked the Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline. This park is on reclaimed landfill, with an impressive view of the bay and the Oakland Airport.

While most of the rest of the country is is the middle of summer, it feels like autumn, here. This is our dormant season. Most of the plants are dry, but there are a few beauties to be found, if you look carefully enough.

Remember the day that I had my bike mishap and ruined so much of my optical gear? Robb bought me a new lens, and I couldn't be happier. Look at the detail on those teeny-tiny flowers!

Robb and I have been incorporating more rest breaks into our outings. His back has been giving him a lot of trouble, and so he needs to find places to lay down. He has been gravitating to certain local parks for his weekday cycling, because he knows they have a lot of benches that he can lay down on. Picnic benches are also a great place for Robb's mini-siestas. And I'm always interested in a little snack.

Robb and I were a bit sloppy with our picnic on Sunday, which attracted a lot of wildlife. Nobody wanted our fruit, but everyone was keen to get some cake crumbs. This is a Western Scrub Jay, who is transition between juvenile (grey and puffy) feathers and adult (blue) plumage. Jays and the other members of their family (crows, magpies, ravens) are so bold and cheeky. You can practically watch them thinking.

And then there are the squirrels. This one was so eager to get every crumb of our cake mess, that it was licking the bolts holding the picnic tables together. When was the last time you got a good look at a squirrel's tongue?


Gothknits said...

Those pictures are so amazing. I've seen squirrels do that. One was licking my patio bricks to get the bread crumbs the other morning.

Remember that legalese has nothing to do with reality. It has a dimension of it's own with women's clothing sizes and director's sense of time/money/labor it takes to do something.

jackbear said...

Just when I thought your photo's couldn't get any!!!! You should really submit some of these to magazines and contests and could be a second income. Totally cool. I recommend WildBird...the newest issue has this years contest winners, you could easily take the prize next year!


. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

oh pshaw! you make me blush.

Anonymous said...

The pictures are awesome Lisa... you definately have gift. I love taking pictures of the wildlife and I wish mine were half this good! Awesome! and Thanks for sharing with us your talent and life.


Anonymous said...

Jackbear stole my thought. I'm sure any wildlife magazine would fight over your photographs. I can't even imagine the collection you must have. I just hope to be able to take one photo in my lifetime which matches the quality of yours.

Anonymous said...

I love this squirrel!!! I wish he were my pet! He makes me so happy.


Gina said...

Humility be damned, Lisa! These are drop dead GORGEOUS photos, and you would have the nature magazines BANGING at your door for even a couple of these great shots. . . I second everything everyone else has written about the potential money-making possibilities of your work.

O.K., after today, I'm now officially addicted to your blog for the weekly eye candy. Squirrel tongue. Squirrel tongue. Give me more squirrel tongue!

Your blog photos are like crack. Fess up. You're just giving it away for free to all of us until we are hopelessly addicted to logging in for the next fix and then we will all have to pay for your genius, right?

Whatever. I'm in. It's worth it. How much do you want?


. . . geeky painter . . . said...

world domination via nature have discovered my nefarious plans.....


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