Saturday, July 21, 2007

Studio Stuff, Mostly


There hasn't been much action in blog land, because work has been quite busy for me, and because in addition to my typical work load, I've been painting a huge number of gigantic faux-Victorian dog kennels.

On top of that, the Bay Area has been overrun by decorative painters and muralists who are attending their national conference. Last night, I co-hosted an open studio tour, so Sheri, Robb and I had to turn the paint shop into a party space.

It also forced me to update my portfolio, which I had not done since I got the job at Berkeley Repertory Theatre. Bad. I've taken hundreds of photos, but I hadn't organized them or incorporated them into my portfolio. Bad. Bad. Bad.

Having the party was a blast. Robb spent a great deal of time talking with a painter from Vancouver, who used to be a vocational rehab counselor, and who told Robb that he had the best outlook and attitude of anyone she had ever met. That Robb!

Since I alluded to the portfolio update, here is a photo from a particularly crazy project, that I did a few years back. The show is Ibsen's Ghosts, and the image at the back of the set is a portion of a painting by El Greco, painted in the "Mannerist" style. (This style often features long stringy figures with weird lumpy-bumpy muscles) The figures in the painting are huge. The nostril in the central face was two feet tall.

And speaking of muscles, Robb continues to work out at the Berkeley YMCA. He finds that a session in the pool gives him a few hours of "good" time, where he can actually accomplish something before the pain, exhaustion and spasticity set back in. I'm wondering if it might be possible for him to structure his day so that he could get into water twice in one day.


Gillespie Tribe said...

I am so glad to hear that the pool continues to give Robb some relief. When I was having problems the pool was the only place I could walk and it was pretty painful to get out. I really just wanted to move into the pool on a permanent basis, but it might have made sleep a bit difficult... although I did sleep on a raft in our pool when I was younger *LOL* I still cannot believe my parents let me do that =o)

I hope it works out that Robb will be able to visit the pool more often, it sure helps to have such a "comfort zone" in times of need =o)


Lynne Rutter said...

thanks for having that sali group over to your huge place and making me look like such a piker! lol ! and it was great to finally meet robb!

Anonymous said...

It was so great to see you, your giant awesome studio and to meet Robb. He has that special sparkle in his eyes, and I'm not surprised that Kathy found he has the best attitude ever. That is a fabulous painted backdrop, as is everything I've seen of yours. I know Ryan is enjoying working with you, and I hope to get to know you both better. Also LOVE the photo of the bee. I've lived in No. Cal a long time and have never seen that kind.


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