Friday, July 27, 2007

Heartbroken and Blue?


Actually, we're all doing very well!

I'm busy at work on a production of George Bernard Shaw's Heartbreak House. A very blue show.

In this photo, you see my intern Sheri in the foreground, mixing color. And way in the back are Cricket, Ryan and Andrew, applying a decorative concrete product to what will be the stage floor.

This show is huge!


Anonymous said...

In most pictures I see, y'all are on the floor painting. Do y'all as a group have a lot of knee problems? I don't think I could sit on the floor like that for more than 10 minutes anymore.

Judith and Sparky
creaking along on bad knees

. . . geeky painter. . . said...

Typically, we stand up to paint floors. We try to find ways to put our tools on the end of roller poles.

However, this isn't possible with this particular technique.

You should see the super-squishy knee pads I bought for everyone!


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