Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Y... because we like you.


I just started a membership at the local YMCA. I already go there once a week for aquatic therapy and my doctor thought it would be a good idea to exercise in the water on a regular basis. It marks a big change for me.

Yesterday I took a water fitness class and it was the first time since my accident that I've done physical activity led by someone who had no details of my history or condition. It was entirely up to me to judge what I could do and how much was too much. I did fairly well except for the part where I completely over-did it, got massively overstimulated and couldn't get to sleep last night.

So now I know better.



Anonymous said...

So...Robb...is it the tool belt or the Chief feather crown for you?

Actually...I can't say enough good things about the Y. The ones I have been around have been so good for my girls and me. I am sure your Y will do wonders for you too.

Because...you are...a macho man.


six stars said...

My DH (with a 14 year old back injury) swears by water therapy. There are some neat things you can do with those swim noodles (or an expensive flotation belt) in deep water that has been really wonderful for him to keep the pain to a minimum.

SS of NH

Anonymous said...

It must be hard swimming in the pool with all that leather on, Robb. Or is the feathered Native American headdress more your personal style? Glad to hear your still excercising. I pulled a back muscle while digging my garden. All I can do now is soak in the tub, take Advil and ask Gary to get me things.



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