Sunday, April 15, 2007

Why We Love Living in California, reason nine-hundred and eighty-seven


Robb and I went out cycling today at Briones Regional Park with Ken-ichi, who is someone that I "know" through the photo-sharing site Flickr. I had long admired his photos, and it was fun to finally meet in person.

Along the trail, we met a family who had found a snake. Once the mom ascertained that the snake wasn't poisonous, the kids carefully picked it up, and when we happened on them, they were enjoying snake-snuggling. I was really impressed by this, because the family responded with confidence and curiosity, instead of freaking out.

I also was delighted that this little girl and I own the same shirt. And that the kids let me hold the snake for a moment.

The park, like many around here, has a mixed agricultural and recreational mission. However, cows and cycling do not go very well together. Apart from the obvious obstacles, the cows' hoof-prints make the paths very bumpy. And if that weren't challenging enough for Robb, the paths were also pock-marked with gopher holes. I think we need to stick to paved trails, for the time being.

But a difficult day of cycling in glorious sunshine sure beats a day sick at home, right?


Anonymous said...

Cows in a park? That is so cool! You would never see that in Nebraska. Only clever California. Watch out for the cow pies.

dorks anonymous said...

We were next door to Briones the other day, and were in a park WITHOUT cows, and it felt weird. As we were walking along, I was looking at all of the nice grass thinking, sheesh, they need some cows in here.

I don't know who owns the cows or if the state/local government benefits at all from letting them range in the parks, but it's a kind of nice addition, I think. Besides the cow pies (must figure out how to make convincing fake cow poop for a letter box).

And hey, nice gopher snake, too.

Anonymous said...


Brown wax and hay make a 'cow pie fire starter'. So, I'm sure that if you can come up with a way to mix a plastic with hay, kind of like the bug maker toy kids get for Christmas, that would work.

Janet, Blooming Flowers

Anonymous said...

Wanna get a cow to follow you home? Attach a salt lick to the bikes!

Once you feel up to it, Robb, try out some cow-tipping! It's one thing I mastered by growing up in an agricultural area.

Lisa, put a bag on your bike and collect cow pies for you garden!


lli said...

Opal has that shirt as well!

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Wow....I'm as fashionable as a ten year old girl!

Whoo Hooooooo!


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