Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Trying to Take Off


I'm trying to get the last things sorted out before I leave for New York. I'm trying to make this a positive experience, but I'm really stressed out.

I hate packing, and always have since the days of parental joint custody. Asking a child to pack everything they might need for the next month of their life, every single month, is great way to ensure that making these types of decisions will be rife with stress and negative emotions. Even if I'm going on a lovely vacation, these demons are lurking inside my suitcases. I tend to procrastinate packing, as a way of deferring this entire experience. And that doesn't lessen stress. Not one little bit.

Despite everything that's been said, I feel horribly nervous about leaving Robb at home. Clearly, he can't handle the air travel right now. And, clearly this project is important. But I still feel horribly conflicted about all of this.

And then there's the project itself. This is going to be HUGE amounts of work. And knowing that is going to be stressful as well. I've never met the people I'll be working with. I have no idea how prepared we'll be to build and paint this hugely ambitious show.

If I think about this too hard, I start to freak out. I just keep reminding myself to breathe.

Breathe, Lisa, breathe.


Music Woman said...

Hey... just remember, you're going to me US!!!!!!!!!!!! The letterboxers from the northeast aren't THAT bad ;-)

Looking forward to finally meeting you! I wish we could meet Robb too! Maybe I'll get out to SF eventually!

Anonymous said...

I meant meet btw on the first line......


Anonymous said...

Hang in there. Just another chapter in your story!! Your moving forward. Forward is good. Forward takes courage.
I'll bet when you get out there and settle in, meet the group your working with, see Robb settled it'll be less hectic. Throw some lavender and the good feelings of your friends in that suitcase!!....and b r e a t h e.


Anonymous said...

As you may be aware, I live very close to Nyack, NY (10 minutes away). Please, if there is anything I can do to help you during your stay there, don't hesitate to call or email me.

Paul Bauer

Anonymous said...

Remember, It's not the Middle East, and no one is shooting at you. Yet. It's New York, give it time. And another thing, are you going to NY to do massive amounts of mind-numbing data entry? Perhaps work for a telemarketer company? Flippin' burgers at Micky D's? Volunteering at a medical facility for mystery disease testing? NOPE. You are going to NY to create artwork, to do what you love and get paid for it. You love this, remember? Anyone else that would do this type of job would...

1- Probably screw it up.
2- Not know what they were doing in the first place and get all snappy about it and piss off their co-workers.
3- Not have the energy to deal with it and run off somewhere to get drunk.

Irregardless of the fact these are the most common complaints I hear when I get fired, they will not happen to you. It's NEW YORK, BABY! Work your tail off and have a blast! Native Californian friends of mine admit they are amazed by the East Coast work ethic, by the way, so do us proud while you are out there.

Robb will be ok, and if not, it'll be ok as well. He can drive now, right? This would have been impossible a year ago or even 6 months ago, so relax.

And Robb, so help me if you fall while doing something stupid, just remember there are plenty of us around to remind you that doing dumb things comes naturally, and so have a certain flair to it if you DO decide to fall over, ok? Make us proud and do it right. Make sure you can blog for help from the floor, and take pictures.


. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Annalisa, I love you!

Anonymous said...

If anyone can do this job well, it's you.



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