Saturday, March 03, 2007

Whoo HOO-OO-OO!!!!

Today, for the first time in thirteen months, we moved fast. Robb and I went into San Francisco and picked up his completely awesome, fantastic, and downright COSMIC trike.

The sun was shining, so we high-tailed it over to the Bay Trail for some nice flat terrain.

Robb ZOOMED. It was a blast!

What's really amazing, is that even though Robb was experiencing the kind of terrible muscular spasiticity that would have made it almost impossible for him to walk, he managed to use other leg muscles to cycle.

It was a beautiful day.


Happy Papaya said...

That sounds like an EXCELLENT day!! While it was far too rainy here in WA to get outside, I did enjoy a certain postcard I received in today's mail. Thank you both, and... see you in 13 days!

Kim said...

This is so wonderful to read about!!!

I am SO happy for you Robb!!!!

Gina said...


shiloh said...

The photo proves that going for a ride wheather on a motorcycle or bike or trike doesn't matter, it will put a smile on your face.

I have GOT to try one of those recumbents.

Anonymous said...

yee ha
that put a smile on my face

knitica said...

Woohoo!!!!!!!! You look so happy!

dorks anonymous said...

Sweeeeet set of wheels there, Robb. Say the word and we'll dumpster dive some bikes for us (alas and alack, they didn't make the ride with us down here) and we'll be cruising along in a jiffy. Congrats! Dorkanon5000


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