Spring is the season for new beginnings. Last spring, Robb was just getting out of the hospital, and now we are cycling around the Bay Area.

What we don't really understand is this: Robb is having a particularly difficult time lately. He can barely walk across the room. But he can cycle easily and comfortably. We are so thankful to have the trike, so that Robb can get outdoors and exercise with the wind on his face.

Of course, there is more than just exercise. Every decent bike ride involves treats. In our case, we stopped at a little cafe along the Bay (and to be honest, right next to the freeway) and had a sandwich and coffee. The local birdies were busily mooching food off the tables.

A good time was had by all.


shiloh said…
There's that cycleing smile again.
Anonymous said…
Hey, Robb is at the exact perfect distance from the earth to be able to zip his bike down a garden and do speed weeding. That should have been on his list of "jobs". Of course, maybe he can be a biking mime, but I already got one of those for the garden.

Glad you guys got good weather so you can both be out. I am recently into metal detectors, (the coin kind, not the homeland security kind). Maybe you guys should attach one of those to the bikes and start up a collection of stuff you find on your trips. Robb is at the right height to snag lots of dropped money. (I've been dreaming about finding money lately, so go figure).

I know an artist who collects road kill, and her collections are coinsiderably stinkier then my metal collections.

Good luck to the both of you. Robb does need some of those colorful handle bar streamers and then his bike would be perfect!

Annalisa and Gary
knitica said…
Robb--man, you look happy on that bike! Can't wait for the bike weather to start here!

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