So, how was that trip? Lisa's point of view

Of the hotels where we stayed, the Olympic Club Hotel, was by far the nicest.

We loved the marriage of funky decorating style, and history-based murals.

When we heard these places described, I thought, "What is this? Disneyland for adults?"

I was dubious at first. I thought the whole place was going to be some gigantic Bennigans's or TGI Fridays, full of hokey fake decor.

But the place really won me over.

What can I say? Even the bathrooms charmed me. (All of those taps work, but not all at once.)

It was delightful to meet our Imaginary Online Friends in person. It was a bit weird, too. Because of this blog, many people already knew us ... knew us on sight, and knew a lot about our lives. It was strange, making the transition from that sort of thing to actually hanging out in person. Odd at first, but very nice, indeed!

All of the letterboxing events were a blast! For some reason, I failed to take may People Pictures. I think I was too busy gabbing.... Anyway, here's a shot from the trail. Robb stayed at the picnic enclosure, and I went for a short hike. That's Happy Papaya and Nailhead, to use their trail names. One of the problems with hiking photos, is that while I'm shilly-shallying around, everyone else is moving, and as a result, I tend to take a lot of photos of the backs of people....

As you can imagine, there was a lot to enjoy on the trip.

But the truth is, that it was a lot of work, and more often than not, Robb was extremely uncomfortable. At home, Robb has to lie down a lot during the day, and also he cannot sit in one place for ling periods of time without getting debilitating and painful muscular spasticity. Robb really struggled with this issue on the trip. He spent a large portion of the letterboxing event laying down in our car. And because of all the sitting, Robb's walking was more difficult and more painful than it has been since he started walking again. This was all very stressful. Robb was uncomfortable, and I was on edge.

I think we learned, that for now, we'll be traveling by car. Flying involves too many hours of unrelieved sitting for Robb's comfort. And, I think that by having more control over our transportation, we'll be less uncomfortable and stressed-out, and enjoy ourselves more.

So, if our far-flung friends want to see Robb, they're going to have to come out to California. I can think of worse things....


Anonymous said…
It was WONDERFUL meeting both of you at the Flinger. And I must say you both are troopers! If you both were uncomfortable you never let it show. Whenever I looked over at the two of you (a bit star-struck I confess LOL!) you both always had genuine smiles on your faces.
I had a great time talking with you both and hope to meet up with you again.

Keep those smiles shining bright!

Team Springamajack
knitica said…
That tiny frog is the cutest thing ever and I want to pick him up and pet him!

I'm so sorry about flying not working out. Does that mean what I think it means?
Gina said…
O.K. Twist my arm. California it is! (Is the tree-house built yet?!)
Anonymous said…
Hm, California, land of swimming pools, and movie (and blog) stars! I don't see a trip out there for a while, but that doesn't not mean we are not there in spirit.

What have you done, if anything, to your garden spot? Have you had any time? If I were to send you a gift certificate for a particular type of california garden catalogue, which would it be? That way, while tending your garden, when ever you are having to deal with particularly stubborn, prickly weeds, you can think of me!

By the way, I remember you said your garden area was full of rat holes. Did I ever tell you that when Gary lived on St Paul Street in Baltimore, his alley was voted "Best Rat Ballet Alley" in Baltimore's City paper? We still recall that disctinction with pride, cause really no one else has that sort of thing listed on their resume, like we do. Nor do they engage in Ratfishing either. Weird.

So Spring is here, snow is melting, delapitated soggy burned-out Detroit houses are finally conquered by gravity and sink to the ground, fertilizing the area with lead-based paint. Ah, Springtime.... All these signs of spring cause my thoughts to consider planning a future garden. I know you and Robb are nature-based people, so having a garden is a good and natural thing.

If your road trips wil be closer to home, that is good news for tending a garden as well. Besides, when you go into the garden to work, that will seem like a mini-vacation, that's how I think of it.

Troop 2440 said…
Portland is a place Neil and I consider from time to time as a new home. Looks like I would need stronger hair gel. Oh lordie, what the humidity does to curls!

You photos are wonderful as usual. I love that amazingly cute frog.

Smooches to you both.

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