On the Road, Again...


Today -- finally -- Robb takes his driving test with the adaptive gear in our car. Everyone keep your fingers crossed for us. We had been joking that this entire process moved so slowly that Robb would be ready to drive a car without any adaptive gear by the time he gets his special driving license. Goodness only knows what the process of regaining his regular driving license will entail.

Once he is re-licensed, we have to figure out what Robb's reasonable range is, given his energy levels, and the length of time he is able to sit in one place.

I have to admit to feeling like the parent of a sixteen year old: I'm weirdly nervous about having Robb behind the wheel. Strange for a non-parent, who only learned to drive after she turned thirty!


Anonymous said…
Tell Robb one day I aim to have myself a rubber car, so when I smack into stuff I'll bounce right off.

Practice driving is good, so he won't have my problem!

Gina said…
Good Luck, Robb! I'm certain everything will be grand! Give us all a shout out this afternoon and let us know how it went.

O.K. now, Lisa . . are you gonna be like my Mom and almost put a hole through the floor of the passenger side because you're so busy slamming on the invisible break?!?!? Would you be better off in the back seat? As the hood ornament? Hitching a ride with rollar blades from the back bumper? Do you need emoto-adaptive gear (I KNOW I do)?

Anonymous said…
Hi Robb & Lisa -- I'm a faithful fan of your blog but a poor correspondent. Just read about your public transportation adventures getting to Stanford. As a proud Peninsula resident I would be happy to be of help anytime you need collecting from BART or Stanford or whatever. There's a "dumbarton express" bus which runs from BART in Union City right past our office in Menlo Park. I'm at 650-463-7107 or leslie@theatreworks. Cheers, Leslie
Anonymous said…
Thanks, Leslie. That's so sweet of you.

Lisa and I were surprised and delighted to know you've been keeping up with us.

Fortunately, my Stanford visits are infrequent and I'll be on the road again soon...

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