It's been 25 years

More to follow but the news is... I passed the driving test yesterday!

The test itself was a pleasant drive around a nice neighborhood, a commercial street, and one exit on the freeway. After I parked the car, the examiner handed me the score sheet. It had fields of coded ratings with "x" marks and checks and numbers. In the "Comments" field, written in perfect cursive writing, was a test result I haven't seen since Mrs. Smith's class at Bay Avenue Elementary.

It said, "Very Good."

Apparently, they were all out of gold stars.

Do I have my driver's license back yet? Of course not. That becomes the responsibility of the Safety Office. (the folks who took eleven and a half weeks to schedule my road test!)


Gina said…

Gold stars, Happy Faces, and Check Plusses to you! So when's the road trip for ice cream and pie?

Gina "Runs with scissors" Sue
Anonymous said…
YAY!!! I've been thinking about you since yesterday - wondering, waiting, hoping. YAY!!!

Laura Hackman
Anonymous said…
Everyone sing:

"For he's a jolly good fellow,
For he's a jolly good fellow..."

Hip hip hooray and all that!

Really, way to go, this is so exciting to be following your progress, it's better than reality
t.v. My dh even asks me how things are going with you two if he doesn't get a regular it's all rather addictive...except you aren't eating gross things like on Fear Factor or singing corny songs (that we can hear anyway) like on American Idol...

dewdrop from AQ
shiloh said…
ROAD TRIP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bobbie said…
Anonymous said…
congratulations robb!


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