Friday, January 05, 2007

chomp, chomp, chomp

Chomp Number One

Regular blog readers may have noticed me whining about how so much of the household chores that Robb and I once used to share now fall on my shoulders. I've decided to stop complaining, and start taking action. So, this Christmas, I bought us a subscription to an organic farm, which delivers fruits and veggies to our front door.

And today the first box was delivered. (Our friend Ellen made this bowl.)

Chomp Number Two

A box arrived in the mail from our friends Annalisa and Gary, containing two loaves of Amish Friendship Bread, and a bag of the sourdough-style starter used to make this bread.

Strangely, this Amish bread tastes remarkably like Robb's Catholic mother's Jewish Coffee Cake. Unlike Robb's Mom's cake, one of the ingredients of this traditional baked treat is powdered vanilla pudding. I recall shopping at an Amish dry-goods store in Montgomery County New York, and being surprised by the powdered foods on the shelves, until I gave a bit of thought to cooking without a refrigerator.

I have a huge admiration for the Amish families who have moved to rural upstate New York in recent years. Since I'm no longer spending my summers in that part of the country, Annalisa's cake is a sweet reminder of my former neighbors, the Amish.

Chomp Number Three

I had to stop by the theater today, to pick up the textile inks for the project I'm doing for my sister. I called ahead to make certain that my package had been delivered, and the receptionist said to me, "There's a bag here for you. A bag with teeth." Any day that includes conversation like that is a Good Day.

Someone dropped this off for me, but I have no idea who that somebody was. I'm totally delighted by this wonderful, demented purse.

But lest you think that our home is some perfect place for photography, this is what things really look like around here. Take special note of the fact that Linguine's tongue is poking way, way out. Linguine, after all, means "little tongues" in Italian.


tm said...

The organic subscription is such a great idea! It supports local farmers, means your food doesn't have to travel halfway around the world to get to you and arrives fresher and tastier. Everyone wins.

Anonymous said...

Hey- Glad to hear you got the bread. By keeping it wrapped in the wax paper it will last longer, if it does happen to get as hard as a rock, you can set a hard chunk of it in a bowl of bread and let it soak it up, then break it apart like a muffin and eat it like a cold cereal. Hope you like it, the cats are welcome to it as well, if they like walnuts!

Annalisa and Gary

Anonymous said...

i meant to say- put it in a bowl of milk to get soft- sorry!



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