Sunday, January 28, 2007

"The cats have captured me, and they're not letting me up."

Not surprisingly, I passed my cold on to Robb. We are now exploring the differences between "injured" and "sick."

Interestingly, the cold is so strong that perhaps for the first time, Robb is not constantly aware of having a spinal cord injury. He is coughing non-stop, but amazingly, this isn't causing all sorts of back pain. Robb observed that cold medicines may even cancel out the effects of spasiticity.

It doesn't seem worth it, somehow.


ArtGekko said...

Fuzz therapy is a good course to follow. And they always seem to know when it's needed! :)

Anonymous said...

It got to 7 degrees here last night, our kitten slept on the bed with us as well. An extra layer of fur and purring love goes a long way towards making one feel better. Sorry about the cold. That bread was supposed to be a cure all.

The constant coughing isn't so great- has Robb perhaps developed asthema? Does he use an inhaler? We have blown heat in our building and it makes the air terrible dry, so that I have to constantly keep a pot of water on the stove to keep us from coughing our brains out.


Annalisa (with a nose like the Sahara desert)

preboxed said...

When an especially cold spell (like this week...sigh...) hits here in Colorado it's not that uncommon for the weather reporters to end with "might be a 3 dog night tonight." Never thought about the origins of that expression before I moved here...I wonder if I can rent some?

Anyway, looks like a 2 kitty comfort day there! I have 2 myself and it's always a good thing to get some luvin'

Nice quilt - by the way!



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