Wednesday, December 20, 2006

How's Lisa?

I'm sick with a tenacious cold, and am dragging around at home today.

I had taken the day off from work, yesterday, to try to get all of my Christmas tasks accomplished. This would be a foolish and stressful activity to undertake in good health, and I suspect I was a sorry sight as I tried and failed to get everything done.

Several sales people made comments like, "How are you? Surviving?" I have to imagine that this wasn't what they said to their other customers.

Christmas is going to be even more low-key than I had anticipated. I really don't mind, but I suspect Robb is secretly disappointed. I know he wishes he could pick up the slack for me, but that isn't possible right now.


Kath said...

I just dug my way out from under that nasty cold that's making its way around... still have lingering sniffles, hoarseness (sp?). Wishing you soft tissues and a decongested holiday!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Lisa. Low key or not you have what's important right next to you. Stay in your jammies and drink some hot tea and eat some good chocolate. YOU DESERVE IT. Happy Holidays and good luck with the shopping and kicking the cold.

Anonymous said...

Me and Gary and gonna cuddle up with a six pack of beer this Christmas, salesmen better not bother me unless they offer to refill my drink. How's that for the Xmas spirit?

Actually something (cold wise) is flitting around here as well, Gary got a touch of it twice. It seems it is a dizzy, sleepy fever that comes back for 2 days after you think you have gotten rid of it. Hm, not nice, but definately bearable during the holidays, a good time to sleep. I kept giving him one-a-day vitimin pills to keep him going but it was hard to tell if they did anything.

Looks like Gary and I are going to give each other a lot of rain this year for the holidays. My sister out west just got 3 feet of snow. Feel free to help her out shoveling if you guys recover overnight. She said they really need the snow- the drought they have had there requires ELEVEN more of those heavy snowfalls in order for their drought to technically be over. Yikes!
Her Saint Bernard is LOVING IT. Maybe you guys just need a big old slobbery dog to make you guys feel better. I'll mail one to you right away, alright? Better clear it with your cats first.

Rest up and enjoy the holidays- Annalisa and Gary


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