Thursday, December 14, 2006

busy, busy...

A lot of people ask me what Robb does during the week, and I just have to laugh, because I imagine that they think he's sitting around the house, wearing fuzzy slippers, and watching soap operas. Robb's schedule is jam-packed with physical therapy, doctor's appointments, and whatnot.

This week, he actually had a visit with a doctor that didn't relate to his spinal cord injury. Wow. It seems that the evening coughing may be related to allergies, so Robb is trying out some medications for that. The coughing itself is bad enough, but it really wracks Robb's back.

Robb worked with a new physical therapist yesterday, doing Feldenkrais exercises. Amazingly, after almost ten months, there are still discoveries to be made.

We really are getting the hand-controls put in the car today. Our nurse case manager had to don armor and go into battle to keep the company from installing and removing the instructor's brake in our car. (Cut a gigantic hole in my beautiful new car?!?!? about having Robb do his driving with....our driving instructor, and ...oh I dunno....their adapted car?) As for the Nano-thingamajigger, that seems to be a fancy name for a metal bar. Nano indeed!

Last night, we got together with John and Gina, who have been visiting Northern California. We had a fantastic meal at Cha-Ya, the vegan Japanese restaurant in Berkeley, and saw the current show at Berkeley Rep. Oh, and we had gelato afterwards. It was great to spend time with those two!

I'm swamped at work. We're in a mad scramble to finish the scenery for the current show.


shiloh said...

I just wanted to suggest to Robb to try dandelion root capsules for his allergies. I take 4 in the morning and 4 in the evening. I still get a little bit of a runny nose but no stuffieness and no coughing. If you decide to try it get a good quality product. I tried a cheaper one and it didn't work. I can't garantee it will work for you but it's cheaper than prescription drugs.

Gina said...

Thanks for showing us such a good time! I'm telling everybody that I went to a gelato place and got vegan soy gelato. That was so exciting!


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