Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Last night I brought my kitty Niobe home from the cat hospital.

She was heavily sedated from dental surgery, and could barely walk. She wanted to get back to her usual household routine, but could barely stand, much less walk. Despite the fact that she was literally dragging her legs around, she was her usual sweet self.

I, as you can imagine, was pretty dismayed by all of this. I stayed with her, and tried to comfort her as best I could. (In fact, I fell asleep with all my clothes on, failed to set my alarm clock, and totally overslept.)

Why does this all seem so familiar???

(Niobe is an old girl, and in addition to her bad teeth, she is starting to have kidney troubles. We'll be monitoring this situation. This kitty and I have a deal....I give her all the love in the world, and in exchange, she is going to live to be sixty years old!)


Kath said...

Glad to see your kitty's home with sparkling teeth and fresh breath!

I have the same love deal with my Max (short for "Maximum Kitty for your Pet Dollar"). For the past 20 years we've both kept our side of the bargain!

Lisa and Robb said...


What's your secret? Taxidermy???

Anonymous said...

My kitty T'Pau lived to be 22. I didn't do anything special, just everything that she wanted. I miss that cat. Both of my kitties now are 17. One is pretty sick and one is going to out live me.

Judith & Sparky & Trouble & Tasha & Katie

Eclipse said...

So glad your kitty is home with clean teeth! I expect my furry children to live forever, and in exchange, I am subject to nearly every whim of theirs. Works for me!

Tina Treason said...

I had to give up my darling kitties when I broke up with my boyfriend and moved out. I still can't hear about other people's without getting choked up.

I hope yours does okay with her kidney problem. She looks too sweet.

MoonBunny said...

My best cat ever succumbed to kidney failure at age 20 or so... her age was a real mystery to us, as I adopted her late in her life. Depending on which family member you talked to, she was either 12 or 14 when I adopted her. I only got to spend about 5 or 6 years with her.

I still miss my Bouche-Cat and I sure hope that Niobe keeps up her end of the bargain!

knitica said...

Oh, little niobe! Send that little white fuzzball all my love as she recovers. Rusty sends love and empathy on the whole teeth thing. Niobe is just the sweetest little kitty, and a great spaceship captain.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Niobe - the prettiest white animal on the planet. Such a sweet kitty. She now needs a woobie made of cotton balls so not to be too hard on her teeth. I hope she feels better after this ordeal.
sending good thoughts to you all

Anonymous said...

please post that flower on Niobe head pic at
it's the best

Kath said...

No taxidermy... yet!

I don't know what the secret is - Max has had all sorts of weird, undiagnosable disorders throughout the years and has had us thinking he was a goner several times, but he's always pulled through and is currently doing quite well (knock on wood!)

(BTW, All the vet visits also makes Max short for "Maximum Dollars for your Pet Kitty!")

Anonymous said...

Kitty lovers! We love to hear the tales of Cat Love. Last year around this time, we noticed an occasional gray blurr in our backyard. It was a rainy fall/winter and when we realized this straggly thing was a cat, we started leaving food out morning and night and named him Hobo. Long story short, it took many months of cooing, bribes and doors left open to get him inside, dry and regularly fed. We were able to trap him and get him neutered in June and he's recently become trusting enough to sleep under our bed. Yesterday, he made his second trip to the vet. He has ulcers on his tongue and gums (no wonder he ate so funny) but is allowing us to give him necessary antibiotics. As he is no longer a hobo but has been assimilated into our family of 2 other cats, we've officially changed his name to Bobo. Long live our precious furry children!
~~Doublesaj & Old Blue~~

Anonymous said...

Glad your cat is doing better!! She looks alot like my cat Zander. See photo album. Take care, Ona Journey

Anonymous said...

Lisa, Robb? Didn't you see the wadded up bill next to Niobe's paw? What does she have to do? Run down to the store herself and pick up that yummy soft stuff? Niobe, honey, hang in there, I'll bet there are other cats out there who have to pay the humans to make the munchies run.


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