Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Blog Goes Crazy

Blogger, who hosts this web log was clearly in some kind of a computer-tizzy yesterday.

It didn't allow comments on our most recent entry, and at some point, it deleted the entry altogether. If you did manage to post a comment yesterday, it has been erased.

Goodness knows what that was all about!

We'll be posting another installment of career advice soon.


shiloh said...

I just wanted to post about the jobs. I noticed that one was a *fingerprint identifier*. I've talked to one of those. You get no second chances. They are the people that compare a set of prints on file with ones taken from a crime scene. They will then say yes or no this is the same person. if they get it wrong they look for a new job the next day,no second chances.

Anonymous said...

Tried to comment yesterday. Gee, did they look at and talk to Robb? Is that him painting tiles for a bathroom mural? There is a saleable skill. With his artistic skills, he should pursue that line. I am amazed at the common things so many folks can't do...and they will pay to get those things done.

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh at some of the jobs listed. You were right about the "jazz age double entendres" of some of them. They were actually a whole lot of those!!!

Knit Wit

Paul in SF said...

I found it strange that 'manual pin setter at a bowling alley' was omitted from the career list, didn't you?

My belated birthsay wish was most likely erased from the earlier blog version.I said:

I think I'm blessed to have crossed paths and met you, Lisa. You're a delight to know, and I wish I'd eee you (both) more often.
[I must break the spell and cross the bridge on my Big Ruckus!].


As I'm on short term disability, I have plenty of free time. Create a date to get together, and I'll strap on my helmet and ride over (gasp!).

I found 2 photos of my 'master art quilt', which i'll e-mail. Is quilt applique sewer on the career list? I pay 50 cents an hour -- 75 cents if youy have your green card. [grin]

Paul across the bridhe, in SF


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