Sunday, October 01, 2006

Letterboxing Friends

On Saturday, we met up with one of my online friends, who was visiting Northern California from Alaska. Kim (Alaska Home School Mommy to you letterboxers) brought along her delightful family, and we had a wonderful time with them as they explored Middle Harbor Shoreline Park.

Robb and I brought the wheelchair, and occasionally the kids experiemented in alternative forms of locomotion. Heather looks a bit skeptical of Ryan's technique.

It seemed like the first day of Autumn. There was a stiff wind blowing, and the sky was overcast. We saw many woolly caterpillars, running around on important caterpillar business. These varmints were big, about the size of my finger!

Bird-wise, we saw ruddy ducks, loads of brown pelicans, the obligitory Canada Geese and gulls, plus these little guys, who I believe are Brewer's Blackbirds. This one is the female. The male was darker hand had a yellow eye. They were not at all afraid of me.

I had once heard that the California Poppy blooms somewhere in the state every month of the year. My family makes a distinction between a Good Story and a True Story. So which is this?

I have no idea.


Lock Wench said...

Good or True..who cares? It looks like you had a lovely time. Thanks so much for posting the pictures!!


Debbie said...

Thanks for meeting up with us yesterday. Can't wait to see you next weekend.

Celtic Quinn said...

wow, those pictures are great!
Tell AHSM I said hey- and make sure she got the package!



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