Monday, September 04, 2006

What Not To Wear

Every fashionable reader of antiquated etiquette books knows that with the passing of Labor Day, the white shoes and white handbags must be put into storage, and the ermines and sables brought out.

With this in mind, we wish to make a few suggestions about what paraplegics will not be wearing this fall (as modeled by the maniac author of this blog.)

Custom corsetry has its place, but the well dressed paraplegic no longer desires the firm embrace of his Thoraco-Lumbar Sacral Orthosis Device.

Shirts may be worn tucked in, and the fashionable patient eschews the constant wearing of a long sleeved button down shirt to coordinate with his brace.

Likewise, the Air Casts which once supported ankles are no longer wanted. White after Labor Day really is a faux pas!

Rugged hickory canes offer a fresh alternative to last season's four pronged models.

Unfetter yourself! Abdominal binding is now a thing of the past.

Walkers are tossed aside in favor of this season's fresh, light and sparkly wheelchairs. Why shuffle when you can roll?

Socks replace Air Casts, which after a months of active use seem worn and dreary to all eyes.

Ugg Boots, which seemed so fresh once upon a time, are tossed aside.

Ankles are stronger, now, and fashions reflect this trend.

This fall only the most behind-the-times will be sporting furry bed-boots!


cml said...

nice photo shoot, it gives me the feeling you might do some Fosse with some of those accesories.

Lock Wench said...

Ok. Get off the caffeine NOW.

:) Love ya!


PS I can read between the pics and see the joy that comes from tossing all this aside. Congratulations on the progress!

Lisa and Robb said...


Yeah, but ideally my version would be like the heart attack number in All That Jazz!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog, this post is wonderful! I think you may be onto to something - a fashion calendar or something similar? Have a look at this one:
Keep up the inspirational entries! Norasta

Anonymous said...

So glad that you are conscious of what a MAJOR faux pas it would be to continue to wear such outdated items!

I love the photo shoot!

Knit Wit

Lisa and Robb said...

We were worried the Fashion Police would arrive any moment, and drag me away!

shiloh said...

There were a couple of sexy poses there with the walker and boots. :)

Robb you are a lucky man.


Gothknits said...

presented as only you could! you two kill me.
Maybe you could do like my boy does with all his dead computer guts and screw them to the wall as some bizarre wall art.

Rumford teapot said...

America's Next Top Model is looking for you. Glad to see Robb is shedding his extra clothing. It looks like he doesn't need them any more. Good for him.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord.... no wonder Robb was having trouble walking... that stuff was weighing him down!


Lisa and Robb said...

You should have seen the improvement in Robb's stair climbing speed the day he got that full torso barace off!

Anonymous said...

Will fashion never cease? You wear it so well. I wish I could look so good in all that gear. :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa and Robb- You guys should have some sort of sleazy porn music playing as this particular section of your blog opens up. Perhaps I may suggest some type of hanging booby tassels "a la Baltimore's own Belle Star" on one of the body casts? If your going for sleeze, go all the way. I didnt buy the whole "well dressed post labor day" facade, Lisa and Robb, but I appreciate the underlying humor. I always visualize fashion shoots as involving a snooty nosed wench (lock wench perhaps!) on a street in NYC with a tiny poodle and a fur stole, daintily navigating the dog poop and discarded heroin needles. But that's just me.

I liked the fact you are enjoying a sly smile, Lisa- thats worth viewing the site just for that reason alone. I must say, you guys look far more relaxed and like yourself. That makes all of us feel good. As long as you can keep your sense of humor you can ride out a lot of crap life throws your way. (see below).

Annalisa (currently in Pennsylvania going through a lot of my family's crap as I buy the family place back).

Eli Lucero aka Venetian Plaster Man said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eli Lucero aka Venetian Plaster Man said...

The Mexican judge gives it a deiz!!!
Mi bueno!


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