Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sunday in the Park

I've had the flu, so the blog has languished. I spent most of Thursday after work and almost all of Friday fast asleep. The cats were very helpful in keeping me from floating off the bed. They took turns laying on top of me.

By Sunday I was feeling better, and Robb and I met our friend Kara at Golden Gate Park for a really fun outdoor concert. Headlining bands were Gnarls Barkley

And the B52s.

Kara is recovering from her motorcycle accident, and we are pleased to report that she has enough mobility in her hand to once again express her feelings to inconsiderate drivers. Isn't that a heart warming tale of recovery?

Although there was a wheelchair seating area at the concert, we opted not to use it. It was in the blazing sun on top of black astro turf, with great view of the sound-mixing tent, but with no view at all of the stage. We decided to sit in the shade. Robb was able to lay on our picnic blanket, which is pretty impressive to me. I think I've seen him on the ground only once since his accident. He got great training from his physical therapists!

Depending on Robb's position, he was able to "tap his toes" a little bit. Not bad, huh?

Sorry if this is a short post. I slammed my finger while closing Robb's wheelchair, and am typing badly. Perhaps I could get some of the nifty-sounding voice-recognition software to do my typing for me! Kara is using this at work while her hand heals.

So, click the "play" button on the videos, and enjoy yourselves!


Lock Wench said...

*Sigh* The B-52's. The only band I ever wanted to join.

Kicia, as a toddler would sing "So, c'mon! And bring your JUICE box money!" :)

Glad you and Kara are recuperating...have you thought about insuring your hands??

LW *who woke up with new tattoos after that crazy Pirate Gathering...*

Anonymous said...

the b-52's rock.
Great idea to go to a concert- here in Michigan it is wet and cold already, and not a good idea to go outside.

Thanks for including the videos.

May the force be with you.


Eclipse said...

I was over at the park yesterday myself - at the Conservatory of Flowers, checking out the butterfly exhibit (but not any letterboxes - last time I looked for that series, I didn't find any). We could hear Gnarls and the B52s all afternoon!

Glad you got out, got some sun, and had a good time. :)


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