Sunday, September 03, 2006

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling...

Today we decided to try something that we had been talking about for a while, combining bike riding with using the new wheelchair. Although we were not out for long, it was a blast! We went back to Middle Harbor Shoreline Park in Oakland, where we had spent last Sunday with the letterboxers. Unlike last weekend, we actually patched the hole in my tire, instead of just pumping it up and hoping for the best.

The park is really amazing, because it is a beautiful natural refuge, right next to the Port of Oakland.

You can amaze yourself watching the loading of gigantic shipping containers, and then you can look at tiny migratory waterfowl, like this red-necked pharalope. Which is more impressive, the journey of all the consumer goods in these huge Chinese ships? Or the journey of this robin-sized bird, from the arctic circle to the coast of Chile? I vote for the birds.

Also impressive in this park are the late summer wildflowers.



Buckwheat, which doesn't look like much, but is an important food source for butterflies.


Lock Wench said... guys look GOOD! Kind of like one of those ads for "active lifestyles." Glad to see you're out and about!



Lisa and Robb said...

Thanks! I was just telling Robb how pleased I was that he looked so healthy. Sure, his ankles are a bit swollen from time to time, but over all, he looks really fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Healthy.... Happy.... and you both even look as if you like each other!

Great always!


Kath said...

Hey! Where's Robb's helmet? :)
Kathy, Team T.


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