Monday, September 11, 2006


I feel like a real grown up. Today was my first doctor’s visit done solo. Up until now my Nurse Case Manager, and often Lisa too, accompanied me to every appointment. We had such good communication with Linda and she knew the case so well that if I ever hesitated in answering a doctor's question, Linda would jump right in – always on top of it. It seems to me I used to get asked a lot back then if I had a head injury.

Today’s appointment was uneventful otherwise. The doctor asked the same routine questions, took a lot of notes and tested my reflexes. It’s one of the two big medical clichés (the other being the stethoscope exam) but, really, one of the few things he did was tap my knees to test my reflexes.

Apparently I have a condition called Hyperreflexia which causes people in extreme cases to become place kickers in the National Football League. My case, fortunately, is not so severe.


Anonymous said...

I guess that rules out a multi-million dollar NFL contract as part of your new job possibilities. Too bad I guess.


Anonymous said...

Hey Robb-
Place kicker as future job, eh?

I suggest going to Lisa's new garden and positioning yourself as she digs up that area. Then when the rats come up from the ground, you can boot their hairy rat butts over the fence and into the neighbors yard. I suggest you set up a video camera so we can all share the rodent aero-dynamics and the resulting screams from the neighbors.

I'd pay 5 dollars to see that.

What do you know, it sounds like we just created yourself a job! I'd personally love to see "rat-ass fence kicker" on a resume, and also listed on an IRS tax form.

And screw any possible PETA's protests- ever since they had a guy in a rat costume in Baltimore city IN JULY HEAT protesting the perfectly innocent cultural past time of "alley rat fishing" they have been on my poop-list. There are tunnels under Baltimore city that date from the Revolutionary war that are still teeming with rats. I used to date some of them. Hence the term, RAT BASTARDS.



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