Monday, September 18, 2006

The Condition My Condition is in...

Sometimes I find myself looking at the bookmarks menu in our computer browser and automatically selecting "How's Robb." I guess I'm just wondering how I'm doing. It almost never tells me, though.

So... How's Robb?

Better. The best guesses of all the doctors and therapists say that this recovery, which has been going on for nearly eight months, has about another year to go. It's a very slow process but if I look back a few months and compare, I can see definite improvement.

Getting out of bed in the morning is no longer the difficult struggle it had been. My legs are a lot stronger, so standing up is easier. My ankles are a bit stronger, so balancing is easier. I no longer wear braces of any kind. I take no medications which slow me down. I'm walking farther and faster. (I'm still not at what they call "community speed"-- 1.6mph-- but I can cover close to a mile in about an hour.)

I owe much of this progress, I believe, to physiotherapy. Lots and lots of physiotherapy. I go to the "gym" three times a week and do home exercises and take walks on the other days. I sleep a lot, too. Nine or ten hours each day. I like to think that my job right now is to get better. Any other job is a few months away, at least.

Going back to work is a big goal. Hopefully, I'll soon have a license to drive a car with hand controls and a car with hand controls. Once my transportation issues are solved, I'll need to improve to the point where I can manage sitting in one place for much longer than I can now.

Given the rate of progress, I know that all these goals are months away. But if this process has taught me anything, it's patience.


Lock Wench said...

Ahh...patience. One of the tougher virtues to master. You and your support team have done a remarkable job and I am grateful you've shared your ordeal with us. Please continue with the updates, as there are many of us who follow your progress.



Anonymous said...

I loved that movie "The big Lebowski"- that you got this day's blog image from.

You can exploit the idea that laying out on your rug to rest "really ties the room together". Thus, all the recovery you do in your place is really an interior decorating element. Perhaps a naptime wardrobe assembly of viking horns, boob breastplate and spear will only make us all more appreciative of the fashion demands endured by our fine Nordic cousins. I only ask that you have Lisa take a photo of yourself once thus arrayed in such slumbering splendor, and post it to this blog, kiddo!

Taking plenty of time to recover is a great idea. You can't really ever buy more time, so be patient and enjoy your recovery. I suggest in the spirit of the above-mentioned movie, that repeated viewings of tv bowling will help to put you to sleep.

For those readers of yours who oppose high fashion, I suggest a write-in campaign to encourage nude TV bowling. It might become popular one day, unless they continue featuring those old saggy guys.

Also, since you anticipate a year's worth of healing is required (far better than the alternative of no further healing at all) I suggest this is a perfect opportunity to seize the moment to grow a years worth of fingernails, or some other activity that can qualify you for inclusion in the Book of World records. You could see how long a beard could grow in a year, or see how many tricks you can teach your cat, or scripting pesky letters to members of Congress requesting visitation rights to Area 51 once the year is over. I once met a woman (slightly deranged) who spent her time collecting photos of cow mutilations- I met her at the UFO museum in Roswell, New Mexico. She eventually sold her collection to a museum of the odd and unusual.

A years worth of time is a great gift and project to give yourself, and after awhile that's the finished project you'll look "back" upon in the years to come, not your injury, I'll bet.

Maybe brewing a new brand of beer a day or week could be your deal. I'll admit, I really dont know anything about beer, except to drink it and pee it.

I'll be looking on in creative anticipation of something that speaks "Robb" to me!

See ya- Annalisa

Anonymous said...

Laughing at the image of you looking into the blog like a crystal ball! I am glad to see that you continue to have a sense of humor. Both you and Lisa embrace life with a sense of humor and that is so important!

Humor, yes... but reality based... that's good! I like the fact that you are not rushing yourself.

When I have tough times, I have a mantra: "Left foot. Right foot. Breathe in. Breathe out." Sometimes that's the best I can do (Like when my daughter had a stalker and lived 6 hours away!!!).

Feel free to use my mantra. Live in the present minute... forgetting the past and what you may anticipate for the future. BOTH of you!!!

You guys seem to have some really good "up" times... live in the moment! Enjoy them. Cope with the down times knowing things will change.

You guys are great!


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